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Hayden Huscher

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Brief Introduction About Yourself: 

Name is Hayden, I’m 25 and from a small town in Michigan. I live with my beautiful wife who is my everything, while she may not be the biggest fan of wrestling she knows it’s my dream and fully supports it. In April I actually told her i was done and Quitting wrestling after my first pro match (I was kind of discouraged about the way I preformed) she told me flat out “Your not quitting. This is your life long dream. You can’t just quit because you feel like you can’t adapt. You got this.” I’m all about my family and friends. I have 3 little sisters ages 12, 11, and 5 and they are the all tied for the second most important people in my life right behind my wife. I grew up watching Monday Night Raw with my mom and on the weekends when I’d go to my dad’s me and my grandpa would watch WCW from that week recorded on VHS. I’m addicted to tattoo’s only reason I’m not covered completely is because my artist is the busiest artist in Southwest Michigan. I collect comic books and some action figures. Pretty much anything nerdy or mid-late 90’s that i can remember.

Wrestling Name: (early years) Johnny Knuckles (now) H-Two












Gimmick: The Beast. kinda like demon Balor without the paint basically I need to fees the beast when It’s hungry.


Years Active: 2011-Present

Feds Wrestled For: NWF Adrenaline, BCW. Pro feds: EHF and PWK

Wrestling Style: Japanese Strong style/ Technical/ 

Favorite Move & Finisher: Beast Bite and The Bitter End are my finishers.

Entrance Music: Raised By Wolves by Falling in Reverse

Where is your fed located: Michigan


Who has influenced you, pro or backyard: Pro is a mix between HBK, CM Punk, Chris Benoit. Yard would be Drew Hood and Yankee TDM.

Favorite Backyard Promotion: NWF Adrenaline of course. If mine doesn’t count the Proving Ground

Favorite Pro Promotion:  I don’t really watch much of anyone outside of WWE but I’m starting to get tired of WWE. What I’ve watched of NJPW I like.

Goals You Have Set: End BCW at WWC2 in the winner take all match.

Advice to new backyarders: Just keep grinding. Sounds odd but seek pro training so you don’t fuck yourself up. Learn at the minimum the basics like bumping and how to post ect.


 Contact info: you can DM me on twitter @HTwoWrestling or DM the NWF Adrenaline Facebook page.

Any last comments: Chase your dreams, you don’t want to question the what if’s in the future. Just keep grinding and push always forward.

Favorite Match: C-Town BeatDown against Jason Page.
Second match but give the whole thing a watch https://youtu.be/ktmr3TO6XH4

Links to your fed, media, Facebook etc:
My twitter:

NWF Adrenaline’s twitter:
NWF Adrenaline Youtube Channel
NWF Adrenaline FB