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-From Anonymous

The cheapest and easiest way to build a quality, 14'x14' ring is simple. Buy four 6x6x12 posts and a few bags of cement or concrete from a hardware store. Dig four holes four feet deep and put the posts in each hole. Mix the cement in the holes, then cover it up with dirt. Wait till the next day to start building so you want move the posts out of place and brake the mold while still wet. Go to a local junkyard, get as many old tires as you can. Stack them two or three tires high leaving no empty space. While you're at the junkyard, get as much foam, padding, and carpet as you can. Go to a hardware store or somewhere and buy a 14x14 piece of plywood to cover the tires. Place the foam or any other type of padding you have over the plywood. Go back to your hardware store to buy twelve i-hooks, twelve turnbuckles, three big cables, and enough rope to go around the whole ring three times. Put the i-hooks into the poles, put the turnbuckles into the i-hooks, run rope from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, and then when the rope goes around the whole ring, clamp them together with the cable clamps. Tighten the turnbuckles and you have a good quality ring.

-From K~CI McKnight of CWF

Dig four holes and put a garden pole in each hole. Next, put a tarp on the ground. Hook the bungee cords to the poles and you have a ring for $10.

-From Krazy Ciller of EWF

Take four metal sign posts that you can buy at any hardware store. Pound them a little ways into the ground. Use nylon rope for the ropes. Put enough wooden pallets down to cover most of the ring. To cover the holes in the pallets just use plywood or cardboard to cover it. After you have done this put exercise mats or foam padding on top of it. Cover it with a tarp. To tighten the ropes take wire hanger and twist it around the ends of the ropes.

-From Showstopper of EWA

We have a 16 x 16 ring. It's made up of a cinder block frame, scrap wood to cover the holes, a layer of mattresses, 1" plywood covering the entire ring on top of the mattresses, three sheets of carpet foam on top of the plywood, and a 20 by 20 tarp. We have four 6 x 6 x 12 posts dug 3' into the ground and cemented in. 12 I-bolts hold the turnbuckles on, and our ropes are three sets of 65' cable.

-From Vinnie Vinadda of the BGCW

I am not going to include exact measurements, it depends how much space you have. Our ring is 16 x 16. It cost us about $800, but it's worth every penny. What we did is take the trampoline we had been using for a ring and built a wooden frame around it to equal the 16 x 16 dimensions. For ring posts we 10 foot poles cemented them four feet into the ground. The real key to our ring is the trampoline. We loaded the underside of the trampoline with two layers of pallets, a layer of tires, a layer of boxsprings, and another layer of matresses. This made the surface of the trampoline very firm, but had some give to it. This is what gives our ring the spring that other rings would get from the mesh system. We placed a layer of 1/4" carpeting over the trampoline surface. Next we rigged it with six seperate pieces of 1/4" plywood and two other 1/2" plywood pieces. The outside six are screwed down to the outside frame, but they still have give. The middle two pieces are the largest and are also our "sweet spot." We finished the ring off with ropes and turnbuckles. For more specifics, e-mail me.



Fake Barbed Wire - Get some chicken wire and use avion clips to cut it up. Make three long strands and twine them together. Then cut pieces about 5" long and wrap them around the strands.

-From Latharjo of EWA

Yardsticks - A painless weapon that makes an awesome sound.

Paperclip Chains - Get enough paper clips to perfectly fit around your fist and put tin foil around them.

Old Phones - These shatter apart, and if filled with powder when they break it looks like they exploded.

-From ALWA

Exploding Box - Take a cardboard box and cut a little hole in the top. Put a lot of flour in the box through the hole. When you throw someone through it, it looks like it exploded.

Fake Broken Glass - Take CD cases and cut them into little pieces. It looks pretty real.

-From DavidHJM

Fake Blood - Pour corn syrup or colorless maple syrup into a container. Then take red food coloring and pour a lot into the syrup. Mix them and you have your fake blood.

-From Casanova of LWA


Ironing Boards - They look and sound great, but they don't hurt at all.

Thin Steel Chairs - These are the cheapest chairs you can find.

Boxes - Boxes look great when you throw people into them. For better effect, cut the tips off of thumb tacks and dump them into the boxes.

CD Cases - Break easily and look awesome.

Wet Floor Signs - Buy these at Home Depot or any hardware store.



Fake Lightbulbs - Get a two liter bottle and cut off the top. Cut it to make it look sharp and pointy. Then paint it white and the part that the cap goes on gray or silver. When you're done it looks exactly like a broken lightbulb.

-From Lazy Larry of Lightning Wrestling


Tables - Use a sheet of drywall or plywood and put it over sawhorses. If you want, you can paint it or cover it with a sheet.

Kendo Stick - Buy four 3' long dowels that are 1/4" thick. Put them in rows of two, then tape them together on each end with electrical tape. It looks good and makes a great sound, but it doesn't hurt.